• Taylor Bragg

Your Guide to Personal Branding

No matter what type of business you own, branding is essential to your success. Not only do you want your business to stand out, but it needs to look professional too. From your website and social media pages, to your flyers and product labels, developing a personal brand is a necessary investment for your business.

Are you a new business owner trying to figure out how to market yourself? Branding should be your first priority! Luckily, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for creating a personal brand, and how we can help.

Outline Your Vision

What are you hoping to achieve with your business? Are you selling products or providing services? Who is your audience? How should I present myself? These are all crucial questions to ask yourself when developing your brand.

Outlining your vision will help you figure out how to market your business. A great place to start is with a mission statement. Outline your goals, actions and attitudes in your mission statement, and use it as a short summary of your brand. Your mission statement can be used in a variety of ways. Add it as your social media bio, a headline on your website or as a slogan on your business cards.

Along with your mission statement, the foundation of a great brand is a set of core values. What matters most to you? Depending on your business, it could be serving the local community, helping fight climate change or helping your chosen political/social cause. Knowing these values will help you learn how to present yourself and your business to the world.

Build Your Style Guide

Once your basic values and mission are set in place, it is time to put together your aesthetic. In the marketing world, we call this a style guide. A style guide usually consists of your chosen fonts, colors, logos and graphics that are used for marketing purposes. You want your brand to be recognizable, and having the same style for your social media posts, website design and promotional materials is essential.