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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions

Social  Media Services

Using social media,we help promote your business and create clientele with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Services Include:

  • Social Media Post Creation

  • Social Media Set-Up

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Calendars

  • Graphics

  • Videos

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Marketing Services

We develop strategies that help innovate and enhance your companies appearance to the world. We evaluate your companies brand and see what needs to be enhanced and what you've already capitalized on.

Services Include:

  • Marketing Plans

  • Branding & Identity

  • SEO Planning

  • Keyword Search

  • Hashtag Research

  • Blog Tags

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Website Services

We create a website just you for including core pages needed for every business: Home, About, Contact Us, and Services.

Services Include:

  • Set-Up with a free 1 year domain

  • Customer Accounts

  • $300 Ad Voucher

  • Maintenance

Design Magazine
Design Services

Designs and custom posts made to interact with customers online. These can be used for emails, posts, interactive flyers, website development, mobile applications and more!

Services Include:

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

  • Logos

  • T-Shirt Designs

  • Book Covers

App Design
Content Services

We help create company content and help define who you are. Set up photography and design your professional layout.

Services Include:

  • Blog Posts

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Photography

  • Video Script Writing

  • Podcast Script Writing

  • Interactive Designs


Meet with our talented team to discover your business needs and best course of action.

Services Include:

  • Meetings with a Specialist

  • Introduction to JBD packages

  • Specialty package creation

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