• Taylor Bragg

3 Tips for Marketing Your Mental Health Practice

As a mental healthcare provider, you wear many hats. Your clients rely on you to provide top notch counseling, coaching and therapy. Between working with clients, studying new trends and managing your practice, marketing is the last thing you want to think about.

If you are struggling with marketing your mental health services, here are three tips that will help you increase your online following and client base.

Know Your Client

What population are you serving and who benefits from your clinical expertise? What is your niche? Knowing who your clients are tells you where to focus for social media posting, ad campaigns and branding.

A niche in mental health counseling is related to having a product or service that appeals to a small, specialized section of the population. Clinicians need to know their niche to identify who their clientele is.

For example, your niche could be facilitating support groups for disabled veterans or offering grief counseling services to trauma victims. The more specific a niche is, the more specialized your marketing needs to be.