• Taylor Bragg

Marketing Your Service-Based Business

Not all marketing tactics are the same. Each industry requires different strategies and tools in order to succeed. Marketing a service-based business such as a restaurant, retail clothing store or coffee shop requires the right digital marketing tactics to bring in more customers and increase your local influence. Here are some tips for marketing your service-based business.

User-Generated Content

If you own a restaurant, you want customers to come back regularly so you can maintain a loyal fan base and obtain their feedback. Take some of the work off your plate by inviting customers to share photos, reviews and feedback to their social media accounts. Once they tag you in a post, you can share it and show how much your customers love your food.

Influencer and foodie culture is dominating social media these days, so why not take advantage? Partnering with local food bloggers and influencers is a great way to generate new followers and get your name out there. For restaurant owners, try collaborating with other nearby restaurants to learn more about your community and share recipe ideas.

Get Your Name Out There

Competition within the service industry is at an all time high. With new restaurants and stores opening daily, you do not have time to sit around a