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5 Website Design Trends About to Peak

As a business owner, your website is the gateway into your company. Think of your website as a first impression with your customers. What will they do if your website is old, outdated and clunky? Customers are much less likely to stay on your site or contact you if you have a bad website. Increase your traffic and keep your website looking fresh with these five web design trends.

Increased Loading Times

While fast loading time is not a new trend, it is a crucial feature for your website. Studies show that most online users expect a page to load within two seconds. If your pages do not load within that time frame, users are more likely to leave your site due to boredom or frustration.

Faster loading time means users can navigate your site with ease. To ensure fast load time, update all widgets and plugins frequently. If you have not already, update your SSL certificate for increased security and faster page loading. If those tactics do not work, consider simplifying your design or consult with a web designer.

Simple and Clean

Just like a billboard you see while driving down the highway, your website needs to be eye-catching but simple. The last thing your customers want to see on your homepage is a wall of text and confusing colors.

Minimal website design is the name of the game for 2021, however that does not mean you have to make it boring. A bold, simple design is powerful and pleasing to users, making them come back to your site again and again.

Make it Interactive

To increase user engagement and learn more about your customers, consider adding interactive elements to your website. Examples include surveys, polls, VR experiences or contests. VR experiences are great for showing rooms, apartments or furniture. Surveys and polls provide valuable customer feedback and allow you to see what changes need to be made.

Bold Colors

Keep your website organized and aligned with your brand by working with a simple, bold color scheme. This can be based on your business, company logo or personal preference. Neutral color designs are on their way out as new, colorful trends are emerging. High contrast color schemes are trending and will continue to be on the forefront of web design in the next few years.


It is one thing to have a beautiful desktop website, but how does it transfer to mobile browsing? Ensuring your site is user-friendly for mobile users is essential to your success. When designing your website layout, align buttons towards the center and keep paragraphs short for easy mobile reading. Check out this guide from TheeDigital that shows how mobile-friendly navigation works when designing a website.

Consult With Us

We know that web design is a daunting task that requires research, dedication and time. Let us do the work for you by working with us to design your website. We cater to your needs while also providing suggestions and feedback, so more customers come to your site and want to work with you. Contact us today to set up a consultation or learn more about Johnson Branding and Designs.


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