Embracing Your Creative Talents: How I Published My First Book

Why hello there! I’m Tiffany Carlton and before I was the Executive Creative Director with Johnson Branding and Designs, I was and still am an artist and self-published author.

When I was in high school around 2004 or so, I always dreamed of being an artist and an author amongst like a million other things. My art journey started when I was in middle school. One of my dear friends was a really great artist, and the best I could do was stick figures.

She used to draw our characters from our extremely plagiarized anime fanfiction and when she didn’t want to draw them; I took matters into my own hands and started to draw the summer of 2002 (probably)! Now I draw all the time! I listen to music and pop out some graphics I’m proud of. I have a whole Instagram dedicated to my art so I can share my sweet loves with the world.