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A company founded with the mission of growing small businesses through various digital marketing strategies. With our extensive background in marketing and graphic design, we stand by our motto, living and breathing creativity.

For several years, Johnson Branding and Designs has worked with businesses across the east coast. Our company develops meaningful content online for social media and websites, including social media posts, blogs and media management.


It doesn't stop there, we design anything you can think of, establish business platforms from the ground up and transform your vision into a reality.

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, our team has grown roots in the state and expanded across the world, so that we can connect to those far and wide.

Our vision is to enlighten, inform and create media where people around the globe have a perspective of artistry through the power of unparalleled media creation.

Our mission is to create media for our clients that reflect on the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make our world a more informed and educated society.

Meet our Team

Deondre Johnson

Founder and CEO

Dre is a native of Raleigh and has degrees from Saint Augustine's University and Bridgewater College. Enhancing businesses is a great passion of his that he's grown to love.  He has developed business structures, advertisements and brands across the east coast.


Dre founded this company to help those who have a presence of a small business grow a voice of a large company and guide them through the new online age and social media.


Terycia Jeffcoat

Marketing Consultant and Social Media Specialist

Terycia is a graduate from Coastal Carolina University. While obtaining her undergraduate degree, she worked as a small business consultant. This role allowed her to demonstrate her talent as a consultant to promote her client businesses in innovative and creative ways. Terycia takes pride in delivering creative and quality results. 


In her free time, Terycia likes to try new recipes, do arts and crafts, and travel whenever possible.


Taylor Bragg

Website and Content Creator

Taylor is a native to Winston-Salem and a graduate of University of North Carolina Wilmington. In addition to her website and writing work, she is also the founder of Bragg About Art Co. As a small business owner, she understands the importance of digital marketing and social media for business growth. 

In her free time, Taylor enjoys painting, hiking and woodworking.

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